Window Silver Bright (2002) cover

Window Silver Bright (2002)


Andy Laster’s Lessness:

  • Andy Laster – baritone saxophone
  • Erik Friedlander – cello
  • Bryan Carrott — vibraphone, marimba
  • Michael Sarin – drums
  • Cuong Vu - trumpet


Window Silver Bright is the second outing from Andy Laster's Lessness band and, much like their acclaimed first release, it's a stellar example of chamber jazz that fluidly combines classical composition techniques with inspired improvisation.


Andy Laster is one composer who has been able to revitalize an art form that languished for several years with the advent of easy listening jazz. His compositions are structurally complex, but emotionally direct, embracing the individual voices of the players, while maintaining a narrative integrity that holds it all together.  Issue 39, vol 4, no. 3