Hydra (1995) cover

Hydra (1995)


Andy Laster’s Hydra:

  • Andy Laster – saxophones
  • Bradh Schoeppach – guitar
  • Drew Gress –bass
  • Tom Rainey –drums
  • Herb Robertson – trumpet, cornet


Hydra is Laster’s third CD for Sound Aspects, and his first recording with the band Hydra.  This version of the quartet features Ed Schuller on bass.  The songs feature elements of modaly polyphony, serialism and free bop.  The CD includes Laster’s quirky and angular odd-time standard Radbaz.


"If you like that angular, hoarse and soaring Brooklyn ensemble and style, but wouldn’t mind if the bind swung more overtly more often, check alto, baritone and flute tripler Andy Laster's Hydra (German Indie Sound Aspects, ****), where similar influences come into play, along with some odder ones. Laster can toss in a whiff of country melodicism without easy-harmony blandness. (He's gotta be the only musician to tour with Julius Hemphill and Lyle Lovett.) His quartet makes it all fit together…"

Kevin Whitehead, PULSE! Magazine