Twirler (1993) cover

Twirler (1993)


  • Andy Laster – saxophone
  • Drew Gress – bass
  • Herb Robertson- trumpet
  • Hank Roberts - cello
  • Phil Haynes - drums


Laster’s second release on the ground-breaking and now-defunct Sound Aspects label.  This CD includes the country and western ballad, Lyleland, dedicated to Lyle Lovett, with whom Laster performed in the 80s and 90s.


“Alto saxist Andy Laster juggles hunks of recent music history and fistfuls of rhythms on Twirler (Sound Aspects).  Like fellow altoist Tim Berne (with whom he shares sidemen), Laster avoids boom-chick pulses — in fact, he pretty much avoids any continuing pulses —- and he echoes Mingus in his thickly contrapuntal lines and densely atmospheric voicings.  Despite his carefully constructed charts, he’s also heeded the Duke/Minugus/Muhal dictum to write for your soloists, and assembles a lineup of witty daredevils….”

Gene Santoro, PULSE! Magazine